Anti-Amendment (Pro-Equality) PSA

Minnesotans voted in November 2012 on a constitutional amendment trying to prevent marriage equality. On religious and personal moral grounds, I strongly opposed this anti-family, anti-marriage amendment, so when my friend Maggie approached me with a script for a "vote no" PSA, I immediately agreed to produce it. We shot for one day in May 2012, and this is what we made.

"Mind Trip" by The Doldrums used by permission, and is available on their album "Eden of the Aimless."

This movie...

• 1.5 minutes
• Shot in 1 day in May 2012
• I support GLBT marriage equality

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Anti-Amendment (Pro-Equality) PSA
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Watch it.


Danice Cabanela Joanna Cullen Shirley Cushmeer
Tom Glaser Andrea Gullixson Kenton Holden
Ben Layne Hoang Uyen Nguyen Mame Pelletier
Brandon Ne Smith Chad Stein Chris Stewart
Michael Anthony Sward Ruth Virkus Roger Wayne
Tara Yost


Written and Directed by Maggie Sotos
Produced by Jeremy Gustafson
Director of Photography Nate Haustein
Editor Katherine Loudenslager
Sound Adam Smith
Production Assistants Andrew Rose
Erin Vork
Bluescreen courtesy of Jon Hyers